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Hey Traveller,
If you read this right until the end, there is a good chance we will meet soon.

We assume you are a womxn who loves travelling,

but chances are that you face some challenges.

Perhaps that of finding peaceful stays,

minus their shady locations or creepy staff

Or of having to carry 100s of products

Cause you find the hygiene missing at most of them

Or of feeling the FOMO of living the late night city vibes

only because you would not find a safe ride back


Or of landing at locations that aren’t as safe or friendly

Only because you are a ‘tourist’ at the place,


All of it while maintaining your budget.

So the question is - can womxn really travel fearlessly and without all these worries constantly bogging them down?

Well, we might have a little something for you.

Being On Our Way for the last 4 years has helped us curate

what every womxn needs while being 'on her way'

Our own Villas tucked in safe & peaceful residential areas,

Supported by a #LocalGalPal for all your needs

And a safe ecosystem around these - everything from trusted cabbies to safe bars

All without burning a hole in your pocket

While we are not present everywhere(yet),

we want to make sure, you can live the moment - wherever you are.

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Request an invite for a fearless solo trip.

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Manya Singh

Priyansha is the most caring and resourceful #localgalpal you will find. She will make sure to check in on you even if you forget. Got some of the best recommendations of the prettiest spots to explore


Vidushi Agarwal 

I was on the verge of cancelling my first solo trip when I got a call from Priyansha about the Local Gal Pal Program. It just made me feel someone was there for me in Goa and gave me the confidence to go ahead with my trip.

Screenshot 2022-04-19 181210.png

Priya Baheti

I love the concept of Local Gal Pal. It was my first solo trip and I was offered everything from recommendations to reassurance. On not being able to reach me, my husband could connect with the local gal pal to check. ”

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