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Secure your trip with a local support system, at your destination.

A local woman to support you throughout your travels

We connect women travellers with local women at their travel destination.

A trusted local woman for you to reach out to at your travel destination, who can be your go-to person for everything - whether that's recommendations on safe places to visit or help in case of an emergency.

Trusted & Verified 

Our entire network of #LocalGalPals has been personally verified and is trusted by many. Each one of them has been around the destination for many years and know it in & out.

Your Support System

Wish there was someone who'd be there for you in case of any emergency in an unknown territory? Now there is! Your Local Gal Pal has got you.

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Manya Singh

Priyansha is the most caring and resourceful #localgalpal you will find. She will make sure to check in on you even if you forget. Got some of the best recommendations of the prettiest spots to explore


Vidushi Agarwal 

I was on the verge of cancelling my first solo trip when I got a call from Priyansha about the Local Gal Pal Program. It just made me feel someone was there for me in Goa and gave me the confidence to go ahead with my trip.

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Priya Baheti

I love the concept of Local Gal Pal. It was my first solo trip and I was offered everything from recommendations to reassurance. On not being able to reach me, my husband could connect with the local gal pal to check. ”

Planning a trip? We can help.

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